HydroFlex60 Pellet Boiler

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Green heating at it’s best, the HydroFlex60 provides up to 60,000 BTUs to your primary central heating system. Whether you currently have a hot air or a hot water system, the HydroFlex60 will save on heating costs. With it’s proven pellet burning system, triple pass heat exchanger and wireless thermostat, the HydroFlex60 will provide a warm, comfortable feeling in your home and wallet.

Growing Market
At Harman, we know you are looking for a cost effective way to heat your home while being considerate to the environment. The Harman HydroFlex60 is the answer, providing a quick and easy way to go green. HydroFlex owners notice remarkably lower energy bills since the HydroFlex uses pellets to heat water and the entire home.

Easy to Install
The HydroFlex has a small footprint which allows installation in tight areas. This unit can connect easily to any existing hot air or hot water system duct work/pipes or remotely connect to the primary unit in another area of the home. The wireless thermostat interfaces with primary unit and the HydroFlex, keeping your home at your desired temperature.
This feature also gives you the flexibility to use the fuel that is most cost effective at any given time. If the fuel used in your primary system becomes less expensive, you can simply set its thermostat higher and decrease the HydroFlex setting. If pellets remain cost effective, you can keep the HydroFlex temperature at the desired setting and decrease the primary system for back up.

Responsible Heat
Pellet heat is carbon neutral. This means that heating with renewable fuels reduces the homes’ carbon footprint and makes a positive impact on our atmosphere. The high efficiency HydroFlex is an excellent source of environmentally responsible heat.

*Additional parts may be required for this unit*

  • Fuel: Bio-Mass Pellets
  • BTU Range: 0-60000
  • Heating Capacity: 2000+ Square Feet
  • Hopper Capacity: 160 Pounds
  • Flue Size: 3"
  • Outside Air Size: 2-3/8"
  • Weight: 525 Pounds
  • Depth: 33-1/4"
  • Minimum Floor Protection: 36.875" x 17.125"
  • Height: 57"
  • Width: 21-1/4"
  • Feed Rate: 0 to 7 pounds per hour