Consolidated Dutchwest Facts

Black Swan stocks over 200 different stove parts so you can repair your Consolidated Dutchwest. The most common and readily available parts are listed on our site, such as handles, dials, andirons and grates. However, if the part your wish is not listed, unfortunately, we can't get it.

Every stove has its own unique parts, though. So it is important to know your model number and choose the correct model in order to have the correct parts shipped to you. When looking at the stove diagram, it the part your wish is not listed, unfortunately, we can't get it.

Also, it is important when reading your stove label to note that Dutchwest and Dutchwest India are not the same. Fixed grates on Dutchwest don't fit Dutchwest India. There is no threaded door sleeve available for Dutchwest India.

Many times a label will have two different numbers on it. The most common label with two models is the FA264 and FA224. To avoid confusion, grab a tape measure and measure the top of your stove. The FA264CCL measures 25 5/8" across the top and the FA224CCL measures 22" across the top. Also, the CDW models 2181-2183 were manufactured between 1990 and 1993.

Most stoves have a catalytic combustor. This should be changed when the catalytic shows 25% or better deterioration. As a stove gets older, the frequency of replacing a catalytic increases since more air is being allowed into the stove through normal wear and tear on the seams and cast iron.